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What's New?

What's New

For all that are interested in the ride Saturday...I will be leaving Silver Lakes at 0830 via East end of Lenwood to pick up Mary and Jim and continue on to the Valero gas station on Barstow Rd. by the Freeway to link up with Steve and continue on to the 247 and head toward Yucca Valley where we will run in to members of the Coachella Valley and Riverside Valley Chapter of the Southern Cruisers where we will...meet, greet and eat in Pioneer town. Tony

Interesting News
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced that 6.3 million vehicle crashes each year involve driver distraction. With new technology being implemented in cars, more distractions exist than ever before. So be careful when using car phones, car fax machines and e-mail, and complex audio systems. Remember, your car's main purpose is to get you somewhere.